Lotto draws to be re-arranged

Lotto draws to be re-arranged

  • Lotto draws suspended due to the ongoing situation but will be drawn at a later date.

  • Door-to-door collections on hold but please save your subscriptions fees for when they resume.

  • Direct Debit payments to continue as normal with all draws honoured when they can be re-arranged.

Our weekly Lotto draw has been put on hold in light of the current restrictions on movement, but all draws that are unable to take place during the ongoing situation will be re-arranged once it is safe to resume normal levels of activity.

The decision has been taken due to 60% of the weekly participation fees being collected door-to-door by our loyal band of agents and supporters; a practice which is currently unable to take place for obvious reasons.

As this has a clear impact on being able to bring in the proceeds to conduct the draw, the decision has been taken to suspend the undertaking of the draw each Monday until it is safe to do so, when back-dated collections of subscription fees can be undertaken and all the draws that have been put on hold can take place on re-arranged dates. No weeks will be missed, but instead drawn at different times to the original schedule.

Please do not attempt to make payments in person at the Lotto office’s temporary home within Robin Park Arena, as this facility is now closed to anyone other than essential site maintenance staff.

Members who pay by Standing Order or Direct Debit will have had their payments collected in the normal way, so please do not cancel these payment methods - these payments will be credited to your account in the usual manner to ensure that you are in all of the re-arranged draws when we resume.

Should any supporters wish to support the Club’s Academy (the beneficiaries of the draw’s profits) through these difficult times by enrolling as a Direct Debit participant and building up credit for a big run of back-dated draws to come, please visit our new sign-up page to enroll now.

Our sincere thanks go to all of our Lotto members for their continued participation and we send them all our best wishes for a safe and healthy outlook as we look to defeat the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak through the many precautions we’re all taking in our daily lives.

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